For investors looking for innovative business ideas

Are you interested in accessing innovative business ideas coming from Italian entrepreneurs? Italian enterpreneurs and business owners not only use this platform (“Officine Italiane Innovazione”) to find business partners, but also to post their capital needs for innovative initiatives.

You can access a list of selected investment opportunites that has been scrutinised by the Officine’s team and are proposed to potential investors.

The list includes initiatives coming from different industry sectors and mainly startups or at the really beginning of the development stage, thus requiring seed or early-stage investments. Anyway, all proposals listed here have already developed a consistent business plan.

Investments, depending on the specific case and on the stage of the business development, could be in the form of debt, equity financing or hydrid (mezzanine capital).

Investors can freely:


Go to the list of investment opportunities scrutinised by the Officine's team.


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