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Alle 11:36 del 9 Ottobre 2014, hermes magnani ha detto...


Hi Mr Vusi Ndala

the purpose of my contact is to identify our local representative with whom to discuss a contract for the sale commissions for the sale of the system and of the products additives.

It will be a great opportunity also for our representative because our system has NO competitors.

I ask you to visit our site carefully.

Thank you for your attention.

I am at your complete disposal for any request or doubt.
In particular, your consideration and your comments about our technology is highly appreciated.
Best Regards,
Hermes Magnani
Development Coordinator
Foreign Countries
MILANO  -Italy-
+39 0240915696  phone
+39 3358130408  mobile phone
Skype    hermes.magnani 

Alle 11:28 del 9 Ottobre 2014, hermes magnani ha detto...


Hi Mr Vusi Ndala

Our system in addition to having unique features as specified below, allows to have a total production cost much lower than that of industrial producers ( we can prove this at any time).

Our machine Origami is a complete and small production plant, having numerous qualities.

Below you have a resume of the characteristics of the machine:
1) Flexibility, in the production of different kind of mortars:
- the possibility to produce an high number of dry-mix powders, with very few limitation, from the lighter to the heavier, colored or no colored.
- after 10 minutes of cleaning, it allows a production interchange red/white without contamination.
- different pack dimensions and weights, from 5 up to 50 kg.
2) Integration in the production site layout:
- possibility to use an high number of inlet for raw materials, up to 15 in a single production.
- study and support to the customer in the layout/positioning of the machine, in function of the necessities of the client.
3) Traceability:
the PC-plant maintain information of all the past production, which allow you the possibility to trace any singular bag, even after years.
4) Productivity:
this factor is highly variable in function of the product, number of raw materials, type of package, number of production interchanges per day, dosing precision.
In our datasheet we put as nominal production 1.6 t/h. In reality in some cases can be more then 2 t/h, in others less. For 20 kg bags, the average productivity is around 1.8 t/h.
5) Control:
the software that manage all the machine it is complete parametric. As per all the functions of the machine, you can modify the parameter in order to fix your requested precision, for raw material dosing and packaging dosing.
I do not suggest to compare our plant type with standard ones, because it is a complete different technology.
You can see a complete production process with Origami in the video linked below:
The list price of the standard 4 hoppers version of Origami 5 is 138,000.00 €.
Most of the time we customize the plant in function of the necessities of the clients.

best regards

Alle 11:10 del 9 Ottobre 2014, hermes magnani ha detto...



Hi Mr Vusi Ndala

Our society is not yet present in South Africa where the construction industry is still growing rapidly.
As you can observe on our web site,  www,  we market the system Origami 5 unique in its kind that allows  any entrepreneur working in the construction industry to turn directly in a PRODUCER of ALL types of pre-mixed powdered products, also COLORED ( adhesives, plasters, screeds, grouts, joints, any tipe os mortars waterproofing, selfleveling flooring, special products, etc etc )

The machine is fully computerized and in 3 minutes you can produce 100 kg (4 bags of 25 kg) of pre-mixed products 

The machine has an average productivity of 1.7 tons / h.

In conclusion in a total space of 4 x 4 x 4.5 H ml  the customer becomes in effect PRODUCER. with profit margins of industrial producers but WITHOUT  their production, transport, distribution, commercial, marketing and general COSTS.

I invite you to watch the video

I will send another message stating the purpose of my contact.
Thank you for your attention

Best regards

Hermes Magnani

Milano   Italy

Alle 10:03 del 2 Febbraio 2012, Emilio Tognetti ha detto...

Hi Vusi,

we are dealing with SAF thanks to a great network, We are interested in international projects.

We are a team of advisors especially in turnaround management end start up.

Because of we are so keen to extend business between Italy and SAF, we will be glad to explore partnership.

Contact me if interested   (preferred contact straight by mail)



Alle 12:34 del 4 Novembre 2011, Daniela Bertusi ha detto...

You can write me at this e-mail address:

Thank You!


Alle 12:32 del 4 Novembre 2011, Daniela Bertusi ha detto...

Hi Vusi,

I'm Daniela Bertusi, marketing operator of Phema srl, an Italian company in Modena specialized, from over 26 years, in electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic design related to automatic machines and industrial plants. So we are not electronic designers; but if You would like to send some more details about the project, we will consider them.

Thank You,



Alle 9:43 del 4 Novembre 2011, Luca Ghisleni ha detto...

Hi Vusi,

I'm Luca Ghisleni owner of Sinthesi, a small italian company that designs and produces home & building automation products 20km north of Milan. We also design electronic circuits for OEM market as a third party supplier. If would be usefull if you could give us some more details about your business idea (eg do you only need an electronic part or an end-user product? which kind of signals should the circuit handle? do you already have an idea of the mass production volumes?) in order to understand if our know-how could suit your requiriments or we also have to involve other partners as Paolo Ramazzotti for industrial design.




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