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Alle 20:21 del 10 Aprile 2018, Sami awad al Murtaji ha detto...

Dear sir/Madam

This is Samy Al Murtaji from Kuwait , owner and chairman of Awad Al murtaji group joint , we are established in 2002 , working in general trading and contracting in Kuwait and middle east in different products ( see our websites below ) , we are working in several projects in Kuwait and middle east .
Now we decided to enlarge our business , and by help of our good connection in oil and gas field and petroleum section in Kuwait and gulf countries, we see that the investment would be a good benefit for both you and me . One of the main project in Kuwait is establishment is the 4th oil refinery , we are looking forward to cooperate with you in such investment business with a highly guaranteed projects.
All necessary documents will be ready once requested , if your decide is positive, all basic steps will be done by us ( offices , government documents, labors , ...etc.)
We will support you in Kuwait government by our connection inside.

Please feel free to be in touch for any inquiry



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